Motorcycle Hoarders Make A Mint: How Your Stockpiling Habits Could Make You Wealthy

In the auto industry, many people aim to gather collections of cars, motorcycles, or just tons of extra parts. After a decade or more of stockpiling these items, you probably have a very large collection, collecting dust in a warehouse. It could be the financial opportunity of a lifetime, if you know how to sell it.

Vintage Motorcycle Parts

Once your collection of motorcycle parts hits the twenty-year mark, it is all vintage. What makes it truly valuable are parts which belong to the most sought-after motorcycles the auto world has eve known.

If you have a Harley Flathead motor from 1938 or a vintage Knucklehead bike lamp, motorcycle enthusiasts, hobbyists, collectors and bike re-builders are going to want to buy the parts from you. Some vintage parts sell for almost what the bikes originally cost when they first came off the line.

If you are not sure what you have in your collection, then your first step is to call an appraiser.

Meeting with the Motorcycle Parts Appraiser

Depending on how large your collection is, you might want to take off from your auto dealership job for the day. The appraiser will have to see every last part in your inventory and your collection to appraise its condition and value.

He or she might also be able to give you a few leads for selling some of your most valuable parts. You may also discover that you have a lot of parts that are common, but that you can still sell them through your connections with other auto dealerships.

Sending Parts to an Auction

Because of your auto industry connections, you could easily sell your parts through an auto auction. The rarer parts you could place a starting bid on in order to drive the bidding war up, and the more common parts you can sell "as new" for what you paid for them.

There are also online auctions, and you could sell parts back to the motorcycle manufacturers who regularly get phone calls from collectors who are looking for parts to replace their motorcycles and restore them. With all of these options available to you, and the appraiser's list of values in hand, you can sell what you want for the price you want, and/or hold onto parts until they increase in value/rarity.

If you have other question, or want to know more, try contacting a motorcycle repair specialist for help.