4 Easy Ways To Advertise Your Local Business

If you run a local business, there are a variety of ways to advertise it. While many people are now using social media and online marketing methods, don't forget about the effectiveness of local advertising. This still exists today and is an excellent way to catch the attention of your community. Here are for easy ways to advertise your local business.

Attend a Trade Show

Trade shows are not only a great way to network with other businesses, but to advertise your own business. There are trade shows all across the country, but you can restrict yourself to those in your own area. You will rent a booth and provide displays and information about the type of business you have, whether you sell handmade goods or you have invented a new smartphone app. Trade shows let others meet you and see up close what your product is and how it works.

Use Direct Mail

Several years ago, direct mail was one of the only ways to advertise a local business. While it is not used as often these days, it is still an effective form of advertising. Direct mail includes sending discounts in the mail to your current customers, and sending flyers or postcards to announce an upcoming clearance, grand opening of a new store in town, or to showcase your newest products. Set up a mailing list with your customers so you can send them promotional materials.

Get a Custom Car Magnet

Every time you drive around town, you could be advertising your business by having a custom car magnet. These magnets come in a variety of sizes and are made of quality vinyl. They don't get ruined in heat or rain, and stick very well to your car. You can get it custom made with your logo, business name, and contact information, such as your phone number or website. If you get a larger magnet, you can also include a tagline or information about what type of business you have.

Become Involved in Local Charities

You can give back to your community and advertise your business at the same time by becoming involved with local charities. You can volunteer your time by having a booth set up at events where you hand out free meals to the homeless, or you may want to donate toys for the annual toy drive. You can also donate your products to local shelters if you run a clothing or shoe store. There are many ways to combine marketing with philanthropy.