Play Racing Games As Prep For Driving School Instruction

Accumulating too many points on your driving record could lead to your license being suspended or revoked. If you are someone with really poor driving habits, then signing up with a driving school like American Driving Academy to help improve your performance on the road is recommended. Also recommended is doing a little prep work at home. Through practicing on driving or racing games on the computer, you might figure out what you need to work on with the driving instructor.

Select a True-To-Life Game

Driving simulation games are excellent for helping to learn defensive driving tactics. To get the most out of the game, procure one that simulates city or highway driving conditions. Avoid games that deal with street racing or sci-fi themes. Obviously, you want a game that is close to actual reality as possible.

Once you have found the proper simulation game, do the following:

  • Look Out for Bad Driving Habits

Are you drifting a bit too close to the center line or the sidewalk? Do you have a tendency to follow too closely to the car in front of you? Poor driving habits such as these might become second nature over time. They could also set the stage for getting a ton of citations.

  • Keep Track of Your Mental State

When you are playing the game, do you notice your get agitated very easy? Does your agitation lead you to making errant, reckless decisions behind the wheel? Possibly, your attitude could be contributing to making the moving violations that are getting you in trouble.

  • Notice if You Are Zoning Out

If you crash into another car when playing the game, do you remember the seconds leading up to the crash? Not remembering might mean you are prone to daydreaming or otherwise zoning out. When zoning out becomes common behavior, you run th risk of going through red lights or seeing your speed increase too high.

  • Maintain a Consistent Speed

Select a M.P.H. range and stick with it for 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure you are able to stay within that speed and do not go over it. If you do, then you know you driving style presents a tendency to speed.

Take Good Notes

After every session practicing on the game, put pen to paper and keep a log of your sessions. These logs will provide you with solid insights into your driving deficiencies. Once you are well aware of your problems, you can then bring them to the attention of the driving instructor. The instructor will then have a clear idea as to what to concentrate on during your lessons.