2 Parts That Can Make Your Truck More Capable of Going Off-Road

Buying and installing custom parts on your truck is a great way to make it much more capable when going off-road. There are quite a few great optional parts that you can purchase to improve your truck's off-road capability, but few of them can offer the benefits provided by a new suspension and differential.

New Suspension

The easiest way to make your truck more capable when you leave the paved roads behind is a new suspension. By installing a new suspension, you can increase the lift of your vehicle so that you have enough clearance to easily get over larger obstacles.

However, you will want to consult with a mechanic before installing a lifted suspension as it can cause some problems. For example, if your vehicle is lifted too much, you can run into some pretty large expenses.

This is because a lifted suspension may force you to purchase very large tires, which are much more expensive than the standard tire sizes. In addition, a lifted truck may also be at a higher risk of rolling over in an accident. However, a mechanic will be able help you install a lifted suspension that will both increase your truck's clearance and keep it to a reasonable and safe height.

New Differential

Another way to improve any vehicle's off-road capability is to add custom or aftermarket parts that can make it much harder for your vehicle to become stuck. A locking differential can accomplish that goal by ensuring that your truck is always providing power to all four of your wheels. When you have a standard differential, more power gets sent to wheels that are spinning quickly. 

The problem with this is that if you have a wheel that is spinning at high speeds due to being in a large pile of snow or sand, all of the truck's power could get routed to that wheel while the other wheels sit idly by. The locking differential will still allow power to go to the other wheels even if one or two have no traction, which gives the wheels with traction the power needed to free your truck and get moving again.

Speak to a mechanic in order to discuss which aftermarket or custom truck parts are a good choice for your off-road vehicle. A new differential and lifted suspension can turn your truck into an extremely capable off-road machine that is very unlikely to get stuck.