How To Have A Vehicle You Plan To Restore Transported A Long Distance

Working on old cars and fixing them up is a hobby that many people enjoy after they retire. In order to restore a vehicle, you will first need to purchase one to restore. Do not limit yourself to the cars available in your immediate area. You can have a vehicle shipped from across the country easily by following the tips listed in the guide below.

Choose a Covered Hauler

When choosing a transportation company to hire to transport your restoration vehicle for you, be sure that you choose a covered hauler. You want the vehicle to be kept covered during the entire transportation process to decrease the chances of rain, snow, sleet, or even gravel from damaging the vehicle any more than it is already damaged. Areas that are damaged and have raw materials showing could rust and become destroyed if exposed to rain or snow for an extended amount of time.  

Determine the Exact Distance of the Haul

Many shipping companies base their rates off of the amount of miles that need to be traveled. It is important to take the time to determine exactly how far it is to get the car from the starting point to your end destination to ensure you know exactly how much you should be paying for the haul. The company should be able to tell you how much they charge per mile, any insurance fees, and if fuel costs are included in the charges before an agreement is reached.

Request Pictures Before Transportation Begins

Before the car is transported, have the hauler take pictures of the vehicle and send them to you. This allows you to know the condition of the car before it was hauled so that you can compare the condition of the car when it arrives to your end destination to ensure that it is in the same condition as when it was picked up.

Request Regular Updates

While the car is being transported, the hauler can update you on what is happening during the trip. If there are traffic delays or the trailer is involved in an accident, the hauler should update you immediately so that you can know when to expect your vehicle to arrive.

Once the vehicle arrives, be sure to do a thorough inspection to see that no additional damage was incurred during the transportation process. If you do notice new damage to the vehicle, the auto shipping company may work with you to lower the cost of their transportation costs to make up for the additional repairs you will need to make to the car.