Ensure Your Limo Ride Is Pleasant For Everyone With These Etiquette Tips

A limo rental can boost the fun factor of an already-enjoyable get-together with friends by several notches. You can further ensure that everyone has a good time, however, by keeping a number of etiquette tips in mind. Following limo etiquette doesn't have to hamper your sense of fun; in fact, doing so can help to avoid issues that could jeopardize your fellow passengers' enjoyment of the experience. It's useful to brush up on these three etiquette rules, and it doesn't hurt to share them with your friends to ensure that everyone will be on the same page.

The Sunroof Is Strictly For Sun

Virtually everyone has seen a movie in which limo passengers stick their heads or upper bodies out of the sunroof in an apparent sign that the limo ride is going well. Don't even think about trying this in real life. First of all, it's dangerous. Secondly, your limo driver will not permit it. If a police officer spots you doing it, he or she will be quick to pull over the limo and you might find your night—or at least your limo ride—coming to a quick end. While there's no harm in having the sunroof open to allow some fresh air, don't be tempted to emerge through it.

Keep Your Drinking In Check

Many limo passengers choose to overindulge because they don't have to drive. While it might be tempting to throw back a few drinks while you kick back and relax with your friends, drinking too much can ruin the night for everyone. Excess drinking in a limo can lead to behavior you'll regret in the morning -- and the experience will quickly go down as miserable if someone drinks to the point of being sick. Plus, you're apt to get hit with a cleaning charge if someone gets sick. Pledge to keep your drinking in check and ask the same of your fellow passengers.

Ensure That Everyone Knows The Time

Many limo experiences involve visiting a restaurant and then a series of other stops, such as bars or shopping spots around the city. If you have this type of agenda planned, urge your fellow guests to be punctual when it comes to meeting at a certain spot at a specific time. If you go over your allotted limo rental period, you'll have to pay a surcharge. Make sure everyone knows that when you say to meet in the lobby at 7 p.m., it doesn't mean 7:05 p.m.

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