Auto Body Damage After A Collision? Don't Ignore It

It's understandable that budget concerns may stop you from paying for certain repairs. Major issues such as damaged windshields, bent axles, or severely crushed doors need to be fixed, but it's not uncommon to see dented bumpers or rear ends on cars driving on the road. Vehicle damage is more than a cosmetic issue, but to understand why even a few dents need to be repaired, take a look at how aerodynamics can affect your gas mileage and future repairs. It could save more money in the end.

Aerodynamic Profile And Car Damage

A vehicle's aerodynamic profile is designed to reduce the resistance from wind (aerodynamic drag) as the car moves forward. The faster you move, the more potential resistance and the more work your vehicle needs to do to maintain speed.

To understand the effect of drag and aerodynamic profile, stick your hand out of the window and feel how the air pushes your hand back. With your palm facing forward, the resistance is obvious and strong. If you turn your hand sideways so that your thumb is facing forward, you'll notice that the resistance is less of a problem. You'll also notice that your hand may move up or down a bit depending on your hand's angle.

The shape of your car is designed to effect how your car performs in similar circumstances. It isn't just resistance from push-back, but from moving side to side depending on how the air hits your car. 

If your vehicle is damaged and the body is dented, the aerodynamic profile changes. These extra dents and shapes are just like changing your hand's position slightly while in the wind, which means that your vehicle may move slightly in a particular direction.

Working Harder Means More Gas Consumption And Wear

Your vehicle is designed to output a certain performance to move forward. If your vehicle's aerodynamic profile changes, the engine may have to work harder and consume more fuel just to maintain the same speed.

Think about the costs of using more fuel. An inefficient auto body that over-tasks the engine is a gas-guzzling problem that can add up over time.

If your engine has to work harder, it'll weaken due to wear and tear faster. Just as driving too fast for long periods of time can wear out the vehicle, an additional burden over a long period of time means that you'll need to maintain the engine more often and may have to replace the engine or the vehicle sooner. Instead, contact a collision repair professional like Accurate Auto Body for a full inspection to find out what you need to repair and how to plan the costs.