Unusual Items That A Flatbed Trucking Company Can Ship For You If You Need Them To

Flatbed trucks have the ability to pick up and deliver just about any really wide, really tall and/or really heavy object. Most people use flatbed trucks to move and deliver automobiles or heavy construction equipment, but they can transport so much more. If you ever find yourself in the position where you need to move really large loads, you can hire a flatbed company to move all of the following unusual items.


While this may strike you as the strangest item of all to haul on a flatbed truck, you should know that there is a couple of different ways that a house can be moved on the back of a flatbed. An entire trailer home is the most easily moved house on a flatbed because the trailer home is often the same width as the flatbed underneath it. A double-wide trailer house requires a little extra support as well as some signage that tells other drivers to give this flatbed shipment more room on the road, but it generally still sits the long way on the back of the truck. Modular homes are also shipped via flatbed trucks, except that sections of each home are shipped on separate trucks.

Military Vehicles

Military vehicles are frequently transported on flatbeds. If you have a vintage tank or a Hum-V that served in Iraq, and you want to preserve the vehicle while moving it to a new location, then a flatbed trucking company can definitely help. All of these less commonly seen vehicles and vehicles not commonly driven on city streets or highways have to have their own transport if you need to move them long distance.


Yachts of immense size that do not have their own trailers will need the services of a trucking company. It helps move your expensive boat from one inland body of water to another, or from an inland body of water to the ocean when there is no reasonable way to sail the yacht through available waterways to the high seas. Boat builders who build private yachts also use special flatbed trucks to ship yachts to customers once the boat has been fully constructed. (This occurs most often when the customer lives much further inland and it is not feasible for the boat building company to sail the boat into the customer's port.) The exceptions to this rule are the vast cruise ships, which are never transported inward and almost always built along the country's coastlines.

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