Top Questions And Concerns About Using A Portable Traffic Signal During Road Construction

The control of traffic during road construction is one of the most crucial aspects of safety for both the drivers and the road crew involved. Furthermore, traffic control makes it possible to complete tasks that involve preventing traffic from traveling on unfinished surfaces. One of the easiest ways to control traffic is with a piece that all drivers are already familiar with, such as the traffic light. A portable traffic signal provides function that drivers understand and will be looking for on the roadway. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning the use of portable traffic lights during roadway construction.

Can the portable traffic signal be used if there is not direct access to a power source?

One of the best features of the portable traffic signal is that it provides versatility. If there is a power source available, the light can be powered by electric. However, some models use their own diesel powered generator and others have solar panels built right into the structure. Highly efficient LED light systems make it possible for lights to be bright, without the need for great amounts of energy.

What are the benefits of using a signal instead of a flagger?

Nearly 40 percent of the fatalities of roadway construction workers are caused by being hit by vehicles, either traffic on the road or construction vehicles. When flaggers are in direct contact with vehicles, there is a greater risk for being struck by a distracted driver. With the use of a portable traffic light, flaggers are taken out of the danger zone and can be placed on more pertinent tasks. Furthermore, a portable traffic signal will allow for traffic control at all times, even when construction crews have finished for the day. Previously, closing down complete lanes or blocking areas was the only option.

If using multiple signals, how is communication between two units achieved?

In the event portable traffic signals are used for both oncoming and outgoing traffic, the units can communicate with one another through a Wi-fi connection. However, the two units can also be placed on a timer system that causes the two lights to work in unison to achieve safe traffic control.

Regardless of the type of roadway construction project that is taking place, the portable traffic light is a great addition. This one piece of equipment can help to eliminate safety concerns and eliminate the need for flaggers who can be better put to use in other locations. Talk to rental companies like Street Smart Rental for portable traffic lights.