Unusual Items That A Flatbed Trucking Company Can Ship For You If You Need Them To

Flatbed trucks have the ability to pick up and deliver just about any really wide, really tall and/or really heavy object. Most people use flatbed trucks to move and deliver automobiles or heavy construction equipment, but they can transport so much more. If you ever find yourself in the position where you need to move really large loads, you can hire a flatbed company to move all of the following unusual items.

Auto Body Damage After A Collision? Don't Ignore It

It's understandable that budget concerns may stop you from paying for certain repairs. Major issues such as damaged windshields, bent axles, or severely crushed doors need to be fixed, but it's not uncommon to see dented bumpers or rear ends on cars driving on the road. Vehicle damage is more than a cosmetic issue, but to understand why even a few dents need to be repaired, take a look at how aerodynamics can affect your gas mileage and future repairs.

Tired Of Driving For Someone Else? Consider Leasing A Semi Truck!

Have you been a truck driver for years and are thinking about branching out on your own as an owner operator? Or maybe you have recently obtained your CDL and want the flexibility of being in business for yourself. Either way, you are likely looking into the options that are available for leasing semi trucks. Leasing semi trucks can be a way to ease into an owner operator career without the up front investment of purchasing a rig outright.

Ensure Your Limo Ride Is Pleasant For Everyone With These Etiquette Tips

A limo rental can boost the fun factor of an already-enjoyable get-together with friends by several notches. You can further ensure that everyone has a good time, however, by keeping a number of etiquette tips in mind. Following limo etiquette doesn't have to hamper your sense of fun; in fact, doing so can help to avoid issues that could jeopardize your fellow passengers' enjoyment of the experience. It's useful to brush up on these three etiquette rules, and it doesn't hurt to share them with your friends to ensure that everyone will be on the same page.

3 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Depend On Your Parking Pawl To Hold Your Car

Ever put your car in park, only to let it roll a little until something finally catches it and brings it to a stop? That "something" happens to be your parking pawl. If you own or have owned a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, then you're probably guilty of this at one time or another. Unfortunately, keeping your vehicle from rolling away isn't the parking pawl's main job. In fact, the parking pawl is intended only as a measure of last resort, and using it on a frequent basis could have some catastrophic effects on your transmission.