Ensure Your Limo Ride Is Pleasant For Everyone With These Etiquette Tips

A limo rental can boost the fun factor of an already-enjoyable get-together with friends by several notches. You can further ensure that everyone has a good time, however, by keeping a number of etiquette tips in mind. Following limo etiquette doesn't have to hamper your sense of fun; in fact, doing so can help to avoid issues that could jeopardize your fellow passengers' enjoyment of the experience. It's useful to brush up on these three etiquette rules, and it doesn't hurt to share them with your friends to ensure that everyone will be on the same page.

3 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Depend On Your Parking Pawl To Hold Your Car

Ever put your car in park, only to let it roll a little until something finally catches it and brings it to a stop? That "something" happens to be your parking pawl. If you own or have owned a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, then you're probably guilty of this at one time or another. Unfortunately, keeping your vehicle from rolling away isn't the parking pawl's main job. In fact, the parking pawl is intended only as a measure of last resort, and using it on a frequent basis could have some catastrophic effects on your transmission.

Four Tips to Consider When Buying a Truck

If you are looking to get your hands on an excellent truck that is durable, road ready, and equipped with great features, it'll take some know-how on your part. Thankfully, there are some universal truck-buying tips that you can use to aid you in this shopping process. Follow the guidelines below so that you make the most of your truck-buying process and land a vehicle that will serve you for years.

2 Repairs To Have Performed Before You Leave On A Road Trip

Going on a road trip can be great fun for you and your friends or family, but it is necessary that you make sure that your vehicle is in the best possible shape before leaving. This is necessary because the last thing that you want is a car problem interrupting your fun in the middle of the road trip. Before leaving on a road trip, visit an auto repair shop in order to have your wheels aligned and damaged windshield repaired.

How To Have A Vehicle You Plan To Restore Transported A Long Distance

Working on old cars and fixing them up is a hobby that many people enjoy after they retire. In order to restore a vehicle, you will first need to purchase one to restore. Do not limit yourself to the cars available in your immediate area. You can have a vehicle shipped from across the country easily by following the tips listed in the guide below. Choose a Covered Hauler When choosing a transportation company to hire to transport your restoration vehicle for you, be sure that you choose a covered hauler.